Welcome to Ambrosijn – Restaurant Hotel Ice Cream Parlor

Taste, sleep, enjoy: Welcome to Ambrosijn!

Ambrosijn is the Dutch word for ambrosia, or ‘nectar of the gods’, though it is also derived from the name for the ‘wild’ apples on Schiermonnikoog island. These apple trees grow on all sides of the many bike and hike routes on the island, stemming from the many apple cores that guests have carelessly dropped on the side of the road over the years.

The ‘Ambro’ apple variety grown from these trees has been named after Ambrosius Visser, a resident of the island who drowned while attempting to save others from drowning in the sea.

According to Greek mythology, a person can become immortal by eating the precious, amber-coloured ‘Ambrosia’, which is why it was called the ‘nectar of the gods’. While we sadly cannot grant you immortality, we can offer a wide variety of divine dishes, made as much as possible with locally sourced biological products, meats and sustainable fish species with a clear origin.


Come and see for yourself on our beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog!
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Co Huijbrechts and employees.