Restaurant Ambrosijn

Culinary dishes of local products,
which are prepared and served in a special way.


Restaurant Ambrosijn

Where vegetables take centre stage

The apple variety “Ambro” is named after Ambrosius Fisher, an islander, who drowned while attempting to rescue drowning people from the sea. According to Greek mythology, one becomes immortal by eating the precious amber-coloured “Ambrosine” and therefore it was called the “nectar for the gods”.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you immortality. However, we do offer you heavenly flavours in many variations, based on as much local organic produce, meat and sustainable fish with a clear origin. We strive to revive forgotten tastes with respect for nature, underwater and on land.

In the dishes of restaurant Ambrosijn, you can taste the passion of owner and chef Co Huijbrechts. That is why we have become particularly known in recent years for our pampering menu. In this menu, you will find the finest flavours of our kitchen and experience what ‘green’, ‘pure’ and ‘life-extending’ cooking is all about. What that means is best experienced for yourself, enjoy!

Aangepaste tijden


Summer menu

In the dishes of restaurant Ambrosijn, you can taste the passion of chef Marten Verelst. That is why we have become particularly known in recent years for our surprise menu. In this menu, you will find the finest flavours of our kitchen and experience what ‘green’, ‘pure’ and ‘life-extending’ cooking is all about. What that means is best experienced for yourself, enjoy!

Ambrosian surprise menu

Fish-meat menu or Vegetarian menu

3 courses 44.50
4 courses 53.50
5 courses 62.50
6 courses 69,50
7 courses 78,50

Naturally, we take allergens and/or dietary requirements into account.


Cod, fruits de mer, herb salad 14,00
Tomato carpaccio, pistachio, honey vinaigrette 11,00
Softshell crab, Thai salad, yellow curry foam 16.00
Quail, smoked butter, kohlrabi 18,00
Gazpacho of beetroot, chives, crème fraîche ice cream 11.00
(+ smoked eel 17.00)


Bread with dips 4.50
Oyster Ambrosine 4.50
Charcuterie 6.50
Pommes Pont Neuf 3.50

Main courses

Veal loin, cauliflower, summer truffle gravy 24,00
Red mullet, Mediterranean vegetables, beach crab jus 24,00
Aubergine from BBQ, spice syrup, hazelnut, miso paste 21,00
Guinea fowl, asparagus, mustard jus citrus fruit 26.00
Artichoke, burrata, cashew nut 22,00


Red fruit, sorrel granite, sweet bedstraw merengue 12,00
Chocolate mousse, fig, chocolate crumble 12.00
Cheeses, muesli bread, walnut 14,00
Ice cream coupe Ambrosine, fresh fruit 8,00


Dinner menu

Verwenmenu van de Chef

starter 16.50 / main course 28.50 / dessert 12.50

2 courses 31.50 🥂 15.00
3 courses 44,50 🥂 22,50
4 courses 53,50 🥂 30,00
5 courses 62,50 🥂 37,50
6 courses 72,50 🥂 45,00
7 courses 78,50 🥂 50,00

🥂A pairing of matching wines.
It is also possible to order a matching wine by the glass at 8,00

The dishes are alternating vegetarian, fish and meat, a sweet dessert and at 7 courses an additional cheese dessert. Vegetarian and vegan options also available. Of course, we take your dietary requirements into account.

We do not serve á la carte – Reservations for dinner are recommended.



cod – fruit de mer – herb salad

Between 1 *
beetroot gazpacho – ice cream
fraîche – chives

Between 2 **
softshell crab – thai salad – curry foam

Between 3 ***
guinea fowl – asparagus – birch gravy –
seven spices

Main course
veal loin – cauliflower – potato crisp – summer truffle

Cheese dessert ****
cheese – mustard fruit

red fruit – sorrel granite – almond cream – meringue – sweet woodruff



tomato carpaccio, pistachio – chickpea – basil

Between 1*
beetroot gazpacho – ice cream
fraîche – chives

Between 2 **
artichoke – burrata – cashew nut – allspice de padron

Between 3 ***
asparagus – yellow curry – soft-boiled egg

Main course
aubergine from bbq – miso – hazelnut – shi-take

Cheese dessert ****
cheese, mustard fruit

red fruit – sorrel granite – almond cream – meringue – sweet woodruff


Lunch & drinks

🕛 Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 – 17:30.
🍏 Vegetarian dish.


Sandwiches, salads & soups

(Salads & soups are served with multigrain bread and salted butter)

Pan-fried toast with ham, cheese and ketchup 7.50
Shrimp toast with Kimchi 12.50
Fried eggs with tomato, ham on the bone, dry sausage and cheese 11.00
🍏 Bread with roasted vegetables and old cheese from the oven 9.50
Bread with tuna, free-range egg, gherkin and capers 11.50
Garlic bread with chicken thighs terriyakie and green herbs 12.00
🍏 Flatbread with labneh, feta and seasonal vegetables 9.50
Salad of confit vegetables with red mullet 13.00
🍏 Dahl – lentil soup, curry croutons, yellow curry 8.50
Beach crab soup richly filled with fish, seafood 10.50

Lunch menu
2 courses 24,00
3 courses 34,00

With drinks (can be ordered all day)

Oyster with sea buckthorn juice and Norway spruce (per piece) 4,50
Bread with spreads and dips 5,50
Bitterballen with French mustard (8 pieces) 7,50
Sideboard Ambrosine (per person) 12,00
Charcuterie 14.00
Cheese board 14.00
🍏 Marinated olives 4.50
🍏 Nut mix 4.00



Apple cake with or without whipped cream 4,50
Pie of the day with whipped cream (high season only) 4.75

Lavazza Blend for Better Coffee
Blend for Better is the name for Lavazza’s approach to corporate social responsibility. This means looking at value creation with fresh eyes, taking business decisions into account social and environmental as well as economic factors.

All coffee is also available decaffeinated.

Coffee 3.00
black, espresso, ristretto

Milk variations 3.75
(almond, oat, coconut, cow’s milk, soy)
cappuccin, cortado, cafe au lait, espressochoc, espresso macchiato

Milk variations 4.50
latte macchiato, flat white / doppio macchiato, panna (coffee + whipped cream)

Double coffee 4.50
black, espresso, cappuccino

Iced coffee 5.00
Ice cream (soft ice cream + coffee + cocoa)

Coffee specials 8,50
With lobbed unsweetened cream.
Brazilian (cachaca), French (grand marnier), Irish (paddy), Italian (amaretto), Schier (kallemooi), Spanish (tia maria)

Hot chocolate 4,75
(dark chocolate & whipped cream)
With Kallemooi or rum 8.00

PureTea Toan Hu Shan 3.00
The PureTea plantation is situated in southwest India. This part of India is subject to high rainfall, during the monsoon period this can reach 250-300 mm of rain per day. Daytime temperatures can reach 40°C, creating a greenhouse effect of extreme humidity and heat. This tropical climate contributes to the unique malty flavour, a characteristic for which Pure Tea is known.

Black ceylon, black lavender, bombay chai, darjeeling gielle, earl grey green, english breakfast, forest fruit, golden chamomile, golden citrus, linden, natural mint, organic green, pure lemon, rooibos, rosehip, tropical fruit.

Fresh herbal tea 4,50
Ginger with lemon, orange turmeric with lemon, orange mint with lemon, orange and honey verbena with lemon, orange

Drinks menu

🍂 Organic product

Soft drinks / juices 3.25
Aqua panna / San pellegrino / Sprite / Coca Cola (original, zero & light ) / Rivella / Fanta (orange & cassis) / Fuze Tea (green, peach & sparkling) / Finley (tonic, bitter lemon & ginger ale) Fever Tree (ginger beer)

Red grape juice / Apple juice unfiltered / Pear juice unfiltered 🍂 3.75 
Tomato juice with Tabasco 3.75
Freshly squeezed orange juice5.00
Carafe of water with mint 1,50

Milk cold / hot / Buttermilk 2,50
Fristi / Chocomel 3,00
Lemonade 2,00

Draught beers (0,5 ltr + € 2,00)
Swinckels – superior pilsner 3,25
La Trappe Puur – organic unfiltered 🍂 3.75 
Cornet Oaked – oak-aged heavy blonde 5.00
Weihenstephaner weisse 5.00
La Trappe Witte Trappist / Bockbier – seasonal 4.75

Bottled beers
Bavaria 0.0 original / white / lemon / IPA 4.00
La Trappe Blond / Dubbel / Trippel / Wit / Bock 4.75
Max on ice rose 4,75
Omer Traditional Blond 4,75
Schierse Hippo (based on sea buckthorn) 4,75

House wine
Domaine l’Arjolle white / pink / red 🍂 4,75 
Domaine l’Arjolle white / rose / red 0.0% 🍂 4.75
Domaine l’Arjolle Chardonnay 5.50
Prosecco 8,25
Apple cider 8,25
Champagne 12,50

Grape varieties
white: Sauvignon Blanc Viognier
rose: Syrah Grenache
red: Merlot Cabernet
sweet: Gros Manseng

More choice? Check out the wine list.

Port / sherry / vermouth 5.00
Beerenburg, Jägermeister, Genevers 5.00
Islander bitters 5.00
Whiskey, cognac, gin, grappa va 5,00
Liqueurs va 5,00

Wine list

House apéritifs

(glass 8.25 bottle 41.25)

Marquis de Sallanges, Domaines Vinsmoselle, Luxembourg
A delicate floral and slightly fruity aroma. The soft mousse provides a well-rounded finish.

Christian Drouin Cidre bouché brut de Normandie
Creamy foamy and delicate taste with noble fruit aromas, crisp with a rich flavour.

House Champagne

(glass 12.50 bottle 65.00)

Agrapart “les 7 crus” brut, Avize, France
A refined mousse. The slightly matured aroma harmonises perfectly with the dry, soft taste.

House wines

(glass 4.75 – bottle 23.75)


Sauvignon – Viognier, l’Arjolle*, Côtes de Thongues, France
Fresh dry white wine with floral and fruity nuances of green apple and peach.


Gros Manseng moelleux, Cassagnoles, Gascony, France
Scented with notes of ripe fruit. The taste starts sweetly, the finale has a pleasant freshness.


Syrah – Grenache, l’Arjolle*, Côtes de Thongues, France
Full-bodied rosé with a fruity and spicy aroma and a mouth filling, fresh dry taste.


Merlot – Cabernet, l’Arjolle*, Côtes de Thongues, France
Deep red colour, intense aroma of fresh red fruit and a juicy, full, supple taste.

Wit 0,0%

Sauvignon – Viognier, l’Arjolle*, Côtes de Thongues, Frankrijk
Appealing aroma of apple and ripe yellow fruit, such as peach and apricot. The taste is accessible, remarkably juicy, supple and fresh.

Rosé 0,0%

Syrah – Cabernet, l’Arjolle*, Côtes de Thongues, Frankrijk
Light pink in colour and scented with ripe strawberry and raspberry. The taste is nice and juicy, supple and with a refreshing freshness.

Rood 0,0%

Merlot – Grenache, l’Arjolle*, Côtes de Thongues, Frankrijk
Cherry red in colour and scented with ripe plum, blueberry and spices. Accessible, supple and mild taste with a balanced freshness in the
balanced freshness in the finish.

* Terra Vitis wines are sustainably made with great respect for people, nature and the environment. From their passion, Terra Vitis winegrowers in France apply a strict ecological concept to their wines. From the vine to the bottling. According to reviewers, the result is: “Wines as Bacchus intended them”!

Ambrosijn wine flavours

(glass 8.00 – bottle 42.50)

The taste of these wines is built up from fresh-green and tight to full-ripened and silky.


Furmint, Château Pajzos Tokaj, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Tokaj – Hungary
Refined, aromatic dry white wine with a slight spiciness. The taste starts soft and mild, with a fresh evolution and a spicy, fragrant aftertaste.

Weissburgunder, Von der Mark – Walter, Baden – Germany
Light yellow coloured, fresh dry white wine with an inviting aroma of ripe pear, apple and toast. Distinctively juicy and full-bodied with mild acidity and good length on the palate.

Monte del Fra Custoza, Veneto – Italy -VEGAN
Garganega (40%) – Trebbiano Toscana (20%) – Cortese (10%) – Friulano (10%) – Chardonnay (10%)
Full-bodied, fragrant dry white wine with a fruity aroma (apple and peach) and a round, full and dry palate. The aftertaste is fragrant and long.

Verdejo, Castelo de Medina, Rueda – Spain
A pure, juicy, dry white wine. The aroma is fresh and pungent, with nuances of citrus fruit. The taste is full, round and balanced.

Chardonnay, Revelation Pays d’Oc, Languedoc – France
Full-bodied, aromatic Chardonnay with spicy toast aromas, oak flavours and ripe yellow fruit. The palate is full, balanced and aromatic, ending with a round, juicy finish.


Domaine Saint Frerreol Coteaux Varois en Provence les Vaunieres Rose, Provence – France
Grenache (60%) – Cinsault (30%) – Syrah (10%)
Characteristic Provencal rose with a salmon pink hue and a fine aroma of small red fruits and herbs. The full, fresh dry taste lingers long and balanced.


Merlot, La Cour des Dames Pays d’Oc, Languedoc – France
Fragrant and fruity, with nuances of blackberries and currants in the aroma and a touch of oak. Balanced, round and full-bodied with a soft finish.

Garnacha, Bodegas Piqueras Almansa Old Vines, Almansa – Spain -VEGAN
Deep red in colour, exuberant in aroma with blackberries, light oak and some roasted coffee beans. The taste is round, soft and aromatic; the aftertaste is spicy and supple.

Tonel Cuarenta Reserva, Utiel-Requena – Spain
Bobal (60%) – Tempranillo (25%) – Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) -Garnacha (5%)
Bright red in colour with a tinge of brown; refined aroma with red fruit, vaille and mild spices. The taste is soft, balanced and finishes aromatically with soft tannins in the aftertaste.

Domaine Bessa Valley Enira, Bessa Valley – Bulgaria
Merlot (52%) – Syrah (26%) – Petit Verdot (14%) – Cabernet Sauvignon (8%)
Aromatic wine with herbs, some spices, ripe fruit and light oak on the nose. Full, soft taste structure with ripe nuances in the aftertaste and mild tannins.

Dessert wine

(glass 8,00)

Moscato d’Asti, La Caudrina, Piedmont – Italy
Intense and pure aroma of Muscat grapes with nuances of lychees. The taste is full of sweetness and also has fresh tones. The aftertaste is long and pleasant.

Muscat, Domaine de l’Arjolle Cotes de Thonque Muscat Lyre, Languedoc – France
Refined, very pure aroma of ripe Muscat grapes, with characteristics of tropical fruit. The taste is full and sweet with a long aftertaste.

Pedro Ximénez, Alvear Montilla-Moriles, Andalusia, Spain
Naturally sweet wine with a dark mahogany colour. The aroma contains nuances of plums and chocolate. Full-bodied, sweet very intense, concentrated fruit and a very lingering finish.

Classic wines white

(per bottle)

Riesling Trocken 2019, Reichsrat von Buhl, Palatinate, Germany 39,50
Juicy Riesling with floral nuances and fresh fruit in the aroma. The taste sets in round and dry, with light toast aromas and a refreshing finish.

Chablis 2018, Sébastian Dampt, Bourgogne, France 42.50
Refined dry white wine with an aroma of flowers and ripe yellow fruit. The taste sets in fresh, full and juicy and finishes with a beautiful and persistent aftertaste.

Sancerre 2019 “Sauvignon Blanc”, Domaine Raimbault, Loire, France 42,50
Powerful Sauvignon aroma and a refined, fresh and pure taste. Tones of peach and melon, ripe style, gooseberries, soft, nice acidity. Sufficient length in the final.

Pouilly-Fuissé “Clos Marie” 2019, Domaine La Soufrandise 48,50
Beautiful, full colour with in the aroma ripe yellow fruit, butter and light oak. Also a full flavour structure, with length and roundness in the finish.

Pouilly-Fume – Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Domaine Raimbault Mosaique, Loire – France 42,50
Beautiful, fresh, dry pouilly-fume with the smell of soft yellow fruit and nuances of currants and citrus. The mild, fresh and soft palate remains fragrant and balanced on the finish.

Classic wines red

(per bottle)

Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva Vertunno 2015, Panizzi, Tuscany, Italy 39,50
Full-bodied red wine with a fine aroma of ripe fruit and mild oak and butter notes; very refined. The taste starts round and mouth-filling and develops balanced and aromatic. The finish has a lot of length with soft tannins.

Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2012, Filia de Grand Mayne, Bordeaux, France 48,50
Merlot (80%) – Cabernet Franc (10%) – Cabernet Sauvignon (10%)
Beautiful developed Saint-Emilion with soft red fruit, a slight hint of wood in the aroma and a full, balanced taste; aromatic aftertaste.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvee Tradition – Mourvedre 2017, Domaine de Cristia, Rhône – France 52,50
Grenache – Syrah
Bright red in colour with refined red fruit on the nose and slight spiciness (thyme). The taste is powerful (berry) but elegant, with soft tannins in the long finish.

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2017, Stefano Accordini, Veneto, Italy 65.00
Corvina Veronese (75%) – Rondinella (20%) – Molinara (5%)
Wine with a deep red colour and some brown nuances. The smell is of candied fruit, currants and plums. The taste is very concentrated and soft and develops aromatically, with fine, mature tannins.

Château Musar, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon € 72.50
Cabernet Sauvignon (34%) – Carignan (33%) – Cinsault (33%)
Special red wine with a clear red-brown tint and a mature, spicy aroma with nuances of leather, candied red fruit and oak. The taste starts full and powerful and ends supple and long.

All prices are quoted in Euros. We will carefully consider all your dietary requirements, food allergies or intolerances. Please inform our staff if you have any food allergies. We will then help you to make the right choice of menu. Our chef can then also prepare your meal with all due care. Unfortunately, cross-contamination in our kitchen cannot be ruled out 100%.

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