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Restaurant, Ice Cream Parlour and Hotel Suites Ambrosijn, the name is derived from the “wild” apples of Schiermonnikoog.

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Schiermonnikoog is part of National Park Schiermonnikoog and as such is a protected nature reserve. UNESCO declared Schiermonnikoog as a World Heritage area. The space and tranquillity are unique

Ambrosijn is centrally located at the edge of the village centre on the Langestreek, the lane with numerous picturesque island houses. These island houses with their authentic appearance of yesteryear make the Langestreek a lane that you will walk through with delight and some nostalgia.

The island is car-free. When visiting the island, you have to leave your car on the mainland. After the crossing of about 45 minutes, buses will take you to your destination.

Due to the small distances, the island is easy to explore on foot or by bicycle. There is an extensive network of walking and cycling paths.

Restaurant Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog summer night
Restaurant Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog
Dessert Restaurant Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog
Hotel room Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog
Restaurant Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog

Restaurant Ambrosijn

In the dishes at Ambrosijn Restaurant you can taste the passion of the owner and head chef Co Huijbrechts. After a long career as head chef in various renowned restaurants throughout The Netherlands, in 2010 he decided to open his own restaurant on the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog.

Restaurant Ambrosijn is especially known for its pampering menu with a matching wine package. In this menu you will find the most exquisite flavours of our kitchen, and you will experience what green, pure and life-enhancing cooking is.

Restaurant Razor clam Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog
Oyster Restaurant Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog
Fish Restaurant Ambrosijn Schiermonnikoog

Ambrosijn Ice Cream Parlour

The Ambrosijn Ice Cream Parlour is a household name on Schiermonnikoog Here, ice cream is prepared daily from the best products, including fresh milk from islander cows. And you can taste that!

During the high season, there is a choice of around 30 flavours, including favourites such as sea buckthorn, elderberry and island honey ice cream. We serve our ice cream and take-away coffee at Ambrosijntje, the little sister of Ambrosijn at Middenstreek 48.

ambrosijn scoop ice cream
Hotel Suites Ambrosijn on Schiermonnikoog

Hotel Suites Ambrosijn

The four hotel suites of Ambrosijn together constitute the smallest hotel on Schiermonnikoog. The accommodation has been awarded four stars (according to the new European hotel classification).

You have a living room with a sitting- and dining area, a separate bedroom with extra long box-spring beds, and a luxurious bathroom with a rain shower, whirlpool, and toilet.

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The name Ambrosijn

The name Ambrosijn not only means “nectar for the gods”, but is also derived from the name of Schiermonnikoog’s “wild” apples.

Wild apples

Those apples grow everywhere along the cycle and hiking paths of the island, originating from the many cores that guests have carelessly thrown away over the years.

The apple variety “Ambro” that was bred from these cores was named after Ambrosius Visser, an islander who drowned while trying to save people from drowning at sea.

Nectar for the gods

According to Greek mythology, one becomes immortal by eating the precious amber “Ambrosine” and that is why it was called the “nectar for the gods”.

We cannot give you immortality, but we can offer you heavenly flavours in many variations in our restaurant, based on organic regional products, meat and sustainable fish with a clear origin.